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    BAY for beginners,
    and REEF for surfers
    Pick your wave and enjoy surfing in your way! Surfing Flex~!!!

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    Surfing Academy

    Start surfing now.
    You can enjoy safe and fun surfing experience with tutors.

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    Experience programs

    Soft wave pool, spa, and kids pool are perfect for everyone to have fun regardless of age and gender!Where should we start?

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    I had so much fun in the water,
    but they are now telling me performances are available!
    I am going crazy with so much fun.Let’s have a look at the performance. Yahoo~


Guide Map

Have a thrilling experience at the world's
largest artificial surfing park,
Ocean Tourism Complex,
Wave Park Siheung!

  • Recreation Pool

    Recreation Pool

    You can enjoy active and exciting water fun!

  • Island Spa

    Island Spa

    Enjoy spa time when you are weary and tired.
    Heal your body in Island Spa where you can find more relaxation than what a backscratcher can give you, and more warmth than in your mother's arms.

  • Festive Wave

    Festive Wave

    A moment when all family members can relax and enjoy the sun.
    The soft waves in the wide pool leave you with a pleasant experience and relaxation.

  • Blue Hole Lagoon

    Blue Hole Lagoon

    ※ Not for the faint-hearted ※
    Explore the mysterious world under the sea, and try out platform diving.

  • Kids pool

    Kids pool

    Safe and wonderful facilities help stimulate children’s imagination and physical growth.

  • Club House

    Club House

    You can find the entrance, ticket booth, information desk, storage lockers and shower rooms here.

  • Surf Cove

    Surf Cove

    Surfing Flex~!!! The first artificial surf park in Asia, and the largest in the world.
    Cool surfers, come to Wave Park.
    We have two types of waves,

    Bay for beginners and Reef for skilled surfers.
    Pick one type that suits you, and enjoy your own surf experience.

  • Surfing Academy

    Surfing Academy

    Learn surfing etiquette and rules, and receive safety education at the academy.


Today's operating hours

  • 05월 01일(금)

    09:00 - 23:00

  • Surf Zone

    09:00 - 20:00

  • Wave Zone

    09:00 - 20:00


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